The Sovereignty of God as Seen in Seeds and Flesh

I enjoy finding little things in Scripture and nature that, if we are not careful, get overlooked in our observations.  I think this may be one of them.

pumpkin seeds

In First Corinthians 15:35-41 Paul explains the differences in the physical makeup of different sectors of God’s creation.  First, Paul rebukes those who were denying the doctrine of the physical resurrection. The hypothetical questioner is addressed as “foolish” and Paul directs their attention to the seeds that farmers sow as a means of demonstrating how even nature demonstrates the logic of the physical resurrection (vv. 36-37).  A bare grain, “perhaps of wheat or something else,” is sown, but what it produces is much different from what went into the ground.

Here is the little tidbit that we may miss if we don’t pay close attention.  Paul says that “God gives it [whatever the it is] a body just as He wished” (v. 38).  He gives the seeds their own bodies “as He wished” (v. 38).

Furthermore, there are various types of flesh, one for men, another for beasts, another of birds, another of fish (v. 39).  Behind all of these is again that statement Paul wrote in verse 38, all of these were the product of God’s thelo, His will.

Then there are celestial bodies and earthly bodies each having their own glory that matches the body with which God endowed them (vv. 40-41). Paul even goes as far as to point out the fact that of the billions and billions of stars in our galaxy as well as those in the many other galaxies each of them is the result of His design, which reflects His desire.  In turn, His desire carried out is further evidence of His sovereignty in creation.

From my perspective it is just very interesting to see how God demonstrated so much attention to detail in His Creation and that even in the smallest things, such as the design of a seed, God’s sovereignty is there to be seen.

And we must stand in awe of His glory.


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