Holloway Quarterly: Numbers Need Worldviews

I’m terrible at math.  I always did well in my math classes, but never could really understand, a.) how I did that, and b.) math itself, at least Geometry and Algebra.  However, I’ve always viewed math as a constant, unchanging system that reveals a greater universal truth.  I found this blogpost by Holloway Quarterly to be interesting. By the way, I found this blog while reading one of my favorite sites, The Domain For Truth, http://www.veritasdomain.wordpress.com

Holloway Quarterly: Numbers Need Worldviews.


4 thoughts on “Holloway Quarterly: Numbers Need Worldviews

  1. We must be reading the same things online!


    1. SLIMJIM, more truthfully I found this on your site. Forgive me, I didn’t think to give you credit as my source. I’ll try to correct that.


      1. Oh that’s not a problem Steve. I’m just glad someone is reading that is all =)
        God bless you Steve.


      2. Same to you SLIM. BTW- it should be corrected now.


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