What Are The Essentials? | drcone.com

What Are The Essentials? | drcone.com.

My good friend Dr. Chris Cone has written a very helpful piece concerning a couple of questions that I recently posed to him; What are the “essentials” and who gets to decide what they are?  The majority of Christian leaders refer to “essentials” as those issues dealing with salvation and all other things are variously considered as “non-essentials” that are left to personal or denominational beliefs.  I’ve struggled with this idea for some time and Dr. Cone has given a very well thought out answer to my enquiry.

Interestingly another good friend of mine, Dr. Ron Merryman, gave me an almost identical answer with hermeneutic method being the heart of the issue.  As you read through Dr. Cone’s piece it may, or may not, become apparent that Dr. Cone’s first two points are conclusions reached based upon his third division dealing with presuppositions and hermeneutic method.

God bless.

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