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My friend, Dr. Andy Woods, recently wrote an article outlining how it is possible for a Christian to vote for a Mormon as president. This is a major issue for all who take orthodox Christianity and Cults as serious matters. There are those in the church that I pastor who struggle with this question.

There is no doubt in my mind, nor should there be a doubt in any informed Christian’s mind whether or not Mormonism is a cult, a false religion that is leading millions away from the true Jesus. However, we are not electing a pastor or religious teacher. Does that make a difference? It is an extremely difficult question that does not have an easy answer.

What does Scripture say if anything? That is our final authority. God’s word must inform our decisions if we are going to be mature Christians who honor Him with those decisions and at the same time do what is best for our nation’s and children’s future. His word gives us principles to follow that will help us make a good decision as we enter the voting booth this November. The best way to protect freedom in this country is to obey the word of God.

Because of the complexities of this question and the monumental nature of the upcoming election I have decided to offer this link to Dr. Woods’ article, which was posted on the website Bible Prophecy Please take some time to read it, especially if you are struggling with voting for a Mormon.

How An Evangelical Christian Can Support a Mormon for President | Bible Prophecy Blog.


11 thoughts on “How An Evangelical Christian Can Support a Mormon for President | Bible Prophecy Blog

  1. I have to disagree with you on this one, Steve. I have written five articles conveying my research on Mitt Romney and the biblical guidelines for voting, and every piece of evidence that I have discovered has argued against Christians voting for him. You can read my research at this link:


    1. Bill, thank you for your thoughtful insights. I can’t agree with everything, but you do a great job in exposing the fact that we have been placed in a position that we have no good choices. Voting for Mr. Obama so not an option, Mr. Romney is not my choice, but to not vote is to empower Mr. Obama to do even greater damage to this once great nation. Third party is a wasted vote, at least for now and most likely even into the future.

      Lets pray for our nation. I know that we can completely agree on this.


    2. Is there any validity anymore to the old statement, “Two wrongs don’t make a right?” The Bible commands only that we pray for our nations’ leaders.


      1. Sorry, Lyn. I’m not sure I follow your comment. Will you please elaborate?


      2. No problem. What I mean is that I feel both of them are not good. Yes, BO is far worse, but they are both bad. I do agree with your statement about that we’re not voting for a leader in a church… The Bible only commands that we pray for the leaders of the nations, not that we vote. In fact, back in Bible times, they did not vote. They cast lots when they couldn’t make a decision, and the Jewish Priest wore an ephod to receive answers from God. I do pray for the nations, and their leaders. I am torn between the fact that both men follow false religion and both are pro abortion…even though one of them is lying saying that he is now pro life…I’ve seen many news clips of him in the past saying he will always remain passionate to pro choice and that it is always a woman’s right to choose.


      3. Thanks. No doubt we are in a predicament of our own sinful making. Do what you believe The Lord would have you do. My church will meet every Thursday evening praying for revival and God’s will to be done. Revival or rapture are our two avenues of hope. The alternative is to secure all passengers and prepare for a bumpy ride.

        Regardless of which path we take, our future hope is in Christ. Therefore we need enduring faith to stay the course until He comes.

        God bless.


      4. Amen, and I’m with you one hundred percent. That is what God would have us to do. God bless you and your church!


  2. Yes, so many things bother(ed) me about Romney, but I just could never vote for BHO. On the other hand……well, as you said “round and round”. Thank you for pointing me to Andy Woods comments and for yours as well.

    Oh, and you make me smile.


    1. Thanks so much, Karen. Thanks for reading. God’s blessings on you and yours.


  3. My problem is that I am VERY prolife and both candidates are pro choice….Romney says he is not, but before he was running for president, he said countless times that he will always fully support a woman’s right to abortion.


    1. Sticky problem for him, no doubt. I struggle with that also. However, I believe that the position of president doesn’t have the authority to dictate any law either for or against abortion. True, he can help set the tone, but until we get enough people in congress to do the right thing it’s not going to matter as much. Then again…well I could go round and round with myself. Imagine what would happen if I let someone else in on the conversation.

      God bless. Thanks for following.


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