Pyromaniacs: Driscoll’s Pornographic Divination

I have often had people argue with me over whether or not God still speaks to us.  It’s the old cessationist/non-cessationist row.  In his most recent blog, Phil Johnson demonstrates the dangers posed by those who do not hold to Sola Scriputra, which is true of those who are non-cessationist, who believe that God still speaks or reveals things to us supernaturally.

I offer this blog with a strong warning, a warning that echoes Johnson’s warning.  The video of Mark Driscoll’s sermon is GRAPHIC and should only be viewed by the spiritually mature believer.

To read the article and view the video you can go here – Pyromaniacs.


2 thoughts on “Pyromaniacs: Driscoll’s Pornographic Divination

  1. Sadly, it’s people like Mark Driscoll who provide the ammunition which unbelievers and militant atheists can then use to attack Christianity more broadly.


    1. I believe your assertion is correct. As one who has looked upon him SOMEWHAT favorably in the past this article sheds new light on him. At one time I had begun to like him based on my understanding that he had cleaned up his act. Some of his teaching was good. But multiple stories have surfaced lately that have caused me to re-evaluate my stance and I can no longer support him or any of his teaching.

      Thanks for reading and commenting. God bless.


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