Garth Brooks on Obama: I Love Him to Death; Its Got to Be Hell In That Office |

Another clueless entertainer offers his astute observations based upon the nothingness between his ears.  His statements in this interview reveal that he knows nothing about how the American “system” is supposed to work.  The problem is when presidents attempt to do “what we want to do” when what we want to do is not within the confines of the Constitution of the United States.  He says we should “vote for (things) because they’re right or wrong.”  The question is, by what standard of right and wrong?  Or, what determines if something is right or wrong in our system of self-governance?  The answer: The Constitution of the United States!  That IS the system.  And if that system will not allow a president to do something its because our founding fathers were smarter than we are.

Garth Brooks on Obama: I Love Him to Death; Its Got to Be Hell In That Office |

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  1. I totally agree pastor. Where are all of our representatives and senators that claim they follow the Consistution and yet are sitting on their hands while the imperial president goes to war in Libya without ANY Consistutional authority to do so? Not only that, but where are the American people at? Why are we not calling out the “emperor” for this (and other) Constitutional violations? I guess everyone is as content as old Garth is…

  2. Excellent questions, Eric. Some of the leaders in the Republican party talked a big game, i.e. Congressman Boehner, but they have shown themselves to be more Republicrats than Conservatives and Constitutionalists.

    Thanks for reading my blog. God bless!

  3. Actually I read this blog quite regularly. It is good stuff. I appreciate that you show courage in calling a spade a spade…which is something most “shepards” seem to have a real problem with doing – and consequently why the church has been marginalized in our society. Our country really is falling in around our heads and it seems to me that no one (including many Christians) can perceive that it is happening. Keep on speaking out!

  4. Finally I come across someone who is also bold and courageous in God’s word! God bless you! You appear to have a wonderful, blessed site here.

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